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Each month we look at applications received following the below format and select them for next stage discussions including meeting our CEO Aaron Sansoni.

Pitch to Us Current Projects


Paragon Global Investments was established to bring new ideas to the market through traditional angel investment as well as internal projects.

As investors, Paragon’s point of difference from traditional investors is that we select projects where we believes we can invest more than just money; we look to invest our time, skills, strategy and resources into our investments to grow them to new heights.

Underlying Paragon’s success is our focus on finding the right people, not just ideas or business. We look for passionate and driven leaders in each investment because we know they are a critical success factor in building a profitable business.


Aaron Sansoni – Founder & CEO

At the helm of Paragon Global Investment is its Founder and CEO, Aaron Sansoni.

Aaron’s list of accomplishments in various business fields is well known globally. As an Author, International Speaker, Educator, owner of several companies and Entrepreneur of the year nominee, Aaron believes strongly in investing not just his money, but also his incredible knowledge into all of Paragon’s interests.

As one of the most sought after and highest paid business minds with a Multi-Million Dollar global education empire, Aaron’s passion for educating is driven by his monumental business successes and personal ‘self made’ story.

Now considered the Worlds #1 Sales Authority having affected the lives of over 2 million across the world, Aaron is a key driver in growing Paragon’s list of successful ventures with his hands on approach to investment.

Current Projects



Industry: Media

Manhattan Media formed in 2013 it the one stop shop for any business media needs. Now one of the largest full service media agencies in Australia, it boasts a huge client list.


Agent Port

Industry: Technology

Agent Port is the market leader in Real Estate agent personal branding and innovative marketing for agents to sell their clients listing at higher prices in a faster time.


Sansoni Collection

Industry: Retail

The world’s first bespoke ‘Tailored Influence’ suiting collections for men and women. The Sansoni Collection is a design house based on the principles of persuasion interlinked with the world of fashion.



Industry: Technology

Web platform under construction for the consulting and training industry set to launch late 2018



Industry: Media & Strategy

Created to Amplify the Influence of Personal Brands globally, Famously is leading the way in establishing, growing and leveraging it’s clients reach.



Industry: Technology

Application under construction to help improve the speed and efficiency of Social Media users across platforms set to launch Mid-2017


Profit Academy

Industry: Education & Technology

One of the globes leading online training platforms designed for small business, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and the start-up market. Currently with members in 17 countries.




Industry: Technology

Application and Web platform under construction designed for the personal development industry. Set to launch soon.



Industry: Technology

Created to help several established charities in raising funds through the sale of accessories from impoverished nations to the western market. Set to launch soon.

Future Projects



Industry: Technology

Application under construction to help improve several areas of the constructions industry set to launch in 2018



Project not yet public.

Pitch to Us

Paragon Global Investments has interest in several industries and countries and is always on the look out for great ideas and people to invest resources into. We invest in all stages of business development, from seed investments to startup companies as well as established businesses.

Each month we look at applications received following the below format and select them for next stage discussions including meeting our CEO Aaron Sansoni.


Simply follow the guidelines below and submit your proposal to pitch@paragonglobalinvestments.com

In 10-20 (maximum) PowerPoint slides please outline your business idea utilizing the below tips.

Make your submission clear and concise

What problem are you solving?: Define the problem you are solving with your idea/business; tell us who your customers are and describe the pain of the customer; demonstrate your company’s value proposition to make the customer’s life better.
The Product/Service: Describe your current product, along with your intellectual property (if any).

Possible Market: Who is the end user or customer? Estimate the market size and growth rate.

Competition: List your competitors and your competitive advantages.

Your Business Model: What are your revenue models? Pricing? Average sale? What does the sales pipeline look like?

The Gaps: What are the areas of your business in terms of strategy and skillset that you need help with from Paragon?

You and Your Team: People (or just yourself) are an important part of our investment decision. Tell us about each team member including roles and responsibilities.

The Financials: Show us an overview of your financials, P&L statements, balance sheets, cash flow, capitalization table.

Ask: What amount of financing you are seeking and what will it be used on?
Every submission is taken with strict privacy and sensitivity and only seen by the investment team. All submissions are contacted even if a next round step is not offered.

Unfortunately due to the volume of submissions we can only meet with people who complete the above process.

On behalf of the Paragon Global Investment group we wish you luck and look forward to hearing from you.